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Heritage Village

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There’s just something about the freedom to pick your path. Smile big. Laugh hard. Breathe easy.

And maybe that freedom leads you to a picturesque life-plan community in eastern Pennsylvania, just minutes from New Jersey. A place called Heritage Village, where you fall in love with the countryside charms of Nazareth, Pa., yet are equally energized by the buzz of big-city dining, shopping, arts and entertainment options available throughout the surrounding Lehigh Valley area.

Perhaps it’s a place where you can smile big, laugh hard, breathe easy. After all, you’re ready – and excited – to finally pursue your passions.

It’s time to hone your hobbies. Develop new friendships. Never stop learning. Enjoy maintenance-free living. Stay on the move. Or simply unwind close to nature. There truly are no limits except those you place on yourself.

As you’re choosing that path – your path – picture yourself here, at Heritage Village. It’s a breathtaking picture, isn’t it?

Heritage Village Site Plan



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