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Susan Cooper A Message from the President & CEO

Susan C. Drabic on COVID-19

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Susan Cooper

A Message from the President & CEO

I remember the anticipation I had last year at this time as 2020 was approaching. We had just dedicated our new campus, Heritage Village, in early December 2019. New residents were in process of moving into their homes in the second construction phase of our active adult community. And at the same time, we were nearing the completion of extensive renovations we were making to our nursing home at Moravian Hall Square. Positive energy was bursting everywhere within our organization, and I remember vividly the excitement in the air about the plans we made for Morningstar Living in 2020.

And then COVID-19 happened…

2020 has been a challenging and difficult year for everyone. The loss of lives, the loss of businesses and the loss of jobs…all because of COVID-19. At Morningstar Living, this pandemic became, and still is, our top priority. We’re fighting against it every day, doing everything we can to prevent exposure and spread of the virus in order to protect the customers we serve and our team members. Our “new normal” at Morningstar Living continues to evolve as we are constantly innovating creative ways to deliver the best in retirement housing, hospitality and healthcare services.

For me, the holidays are always a time of reflection on the past and a time of anticipation about the future. I certainly cannot predict what will happen in 2021 with the coronavirus, but as the end of the year approaches, I find myself reflecting on the things I’m most grateful for. First, the love and support of family and friends, at home and in the workplace. Even though we’re physically distancing ourselves from each other, somehow we’ve been able to embrace each other more compassionately. Second, there is nothing more valuable to Morningstar Living than the team of professionals who work here. I’ve witnessed the passion and dedication our team members bring to work with them, day after day, in spite of their own fears and concerns about the virus. They do their jobs with unwavering commitment to our core purpose, and that is…”enriching the lives of the people we serve.” And third, I’m incredibly grateful that as an organization, we’ve become more innovative, more creative, more resourceful and more resilient in the process of reinventing the way we did things in the past.

Any other year our schedules would be filled with holiday gatherings in the workplace and in our personal lives with friends and family. But for health and safety reasons, things will be different this year. And even though we may not be with them in person, there is no doubt, we will be extra thankful for our family and friends this year. As 2020 comes to an end, my anticipation this year is for a successful vaccination to protect everyone from COVID-19. I am looking forward to 2021 through a lens of hope and joy. And it is my wish that the coming year brings you both.

"Making a enriching life's journey for all we serve."

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Heritage Village

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Moving to Pennsylvania A message to out of state residents.

Residents who move to Pennsylvania from another state can be surprised by the wonderful benefits that Pennsylvania offers. Things like good weather with four seasons, beautiful landscapes, and proximity to New York City. But if these benefits alone, don’t make you get up and move to Pennsylvania today, here are some compelling financial benefits:

NO RETIREMENT INCOME TAX– Pennsylvania is one of the few states that excludes retirement income from taxation. This includes Social Security, federal, state and local public and private pension income.

NO ESTATE TAX – Pennsylvania does not have an estate tax. This means no matter what size of the estate, you owe nothing to the state of Pennsylvania before money is dispersed to your heirs.

NO SALES TAX – In Pennsylvania, purchases of food, beverages and clothing are not taxed.
Added to these financial benefits, are additional financial benefits of living in a Life Plan Community, like Heritage Village in Nazareth, Pennsylvania.


NO REAL ESTATE TAXES – Residents pay no county, municipality or school property/real estate taxes. That’s because all property taxes are paid by the owner of Heritage Village, Morningstar Living of Nazareth, PA.

NO HOUSING OR PROPERTY MAINTENANCE – When you move to Heritage Village in Nazareth, PA the owner of the community, Morningstar Living, does all of the up-keep and maintenance of the housing and the grounds for you. This means residents living within the community do not cut grass, do not do landscaping, do not shovel or plow snow, and they don’t make any repairs to their own roofs, windows, heating and air conditioning systems, plumbing, or even worry about the appliances in their homes, because Morningstar Living does all of that. This is a huge cost savings for residents, not to mention the investment of time and work involved.

NO COSTS FOR FUTURE HEALTH CARE ACCOMMODATIONS – And finally, if you have a Life Care Plan for your residency at Heritage Village, in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, you have unlimited long term care insurance that pays the cost of accommodations in personal care and nursing care, if and when you need it. The IRS recognizes the costs for a Life Care Plan as prepaid medical expenses, and therefore allows costs to be itemized a prepaid medical expenses when you file your income taxes each year.


Many of our residents originally from nearby states such as New Jersey and New York can testify to these hidden benefits of moving to Pennsylvania and are reaping the rewards of their research. From their luxurious one story cottage or Townstone residences, Heritage Village residents can have confidence knowing they have made the correct decision for their retirement years, and know the best is yet to come.

So what are you waiting for? Schedule your visit with us to learn more about all of the benefits of moving to a Life Plan community in Pennsylvania.



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