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Heritage Village

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Pricing Consider all the factors.

Entrance and Monthly Fees

As a life-plan community offering an innovative living model, Heritage Village features entrance fees and monthly fees. Both costs depend on five factors:

  1. Size. How big is your home of choice?
  2. Plan. Are you picking the Life Care or Fee-for-Service plan?
  3. Financial. Which of our two financial options are you choosing?
  4. Occupancy. Will your home be for one or two people?
  5. Timing. Because Heritage Village is a new community, the earlier you make a commitment, the lower your price.

Current Estimated Costs

The following are starting costs. Contact Heritage Village’s Residency Counselor for help walking you through the process.

  • Entrance Fees: From $275,800
  • Monthly Fees: From $1,755
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